La Prairie, Sisley, La Mar oh My!

Prior to moving back from Brooklyn, New York a year ago, I had been working in the retail world – fashion always being a great passion of mine. I actually used to be so embarrassed when I’d meet someone new and they’d ask

“So what do you do for fun?” How do you tell someone I like to shop and hang out with shoes that cost more than most peoples rent?

Nonetheless, I loved working at the mall; I just couldn’t imagine any other place I’d rather be spending my days. (Mind you it wasn’t just any ordinary mall – it had all luxury stores like Gucci, Prada, and Celine to name a few, and the parking lot was always full of Range Rovers and Bentleys)

In 2013 I started working for the Department store Saks Fifth Avenue in McLean, Va. I was working in the women’s contemporary department which just so happened to be adjacent from the beauty department. This is where my love for all things beauty plays in.

It’s the first time I heard of these luxury brands like La Prairie, Sisley, La Mar, & Cellcosmet. I couldn’t believe someone would actually pay $1,200.00… for a facial cream. It better talk to you, cuddles you at night, or at least cook you a meal if your paying that much for a face moisturizer! Oh, and did I mention that $1,200 La Prairie cream was only 1.7 oz, that’s like $40 every time you’re applying it.

To say the least, my infatuation with cosmetics and beauty products has only grown over time, especially with all that is available from lasers treatments to Korean 10-step routines to my ever favorite botox injections. Its hard not to get wrapped up in this superficial world I love so much – and for that, I may never look my real age. ❤︎

But my question to you is, when is it TOO much? My next post I will be reviewing “The Moisturizing Cream” by La Mer at the ever so affordable price of $175 for 1.0 oz



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