REVIEW: Let’s talk about detox

Facetory is this awesome subscription I signed up for through Amazon – what it is, is a box of sheet masks delivered to your doorstep every month for $8. You get 4 sheet mask a month and they also have a box for $20 a month and you get 7 masks. It’s a super affordable & a fun way to discover the latest in sheet masks.

December box – mask 1 of 4 


Let’s talk about detox

Retail price $4

Website’s Description:

Skin in need of an S.O.S? Let’s Talk Detox! This purifying pore mask with charcoal and volcanic ash will help detoxify clogged pores making them less visible and leave your skin smooth and soft.

Initial thoughts // observations :

  • I like the packaging & the catchy name – definitely something I would pick up on my own if I came across it at a store
  • Super saturated with essence and excess essence left in the packaging
  • Large, thin sheet – stays on face well
  • Smell isn’t strong nor describable, nonetheless not very appealing
  • No burning or tingling sensation

Afterthoughts // observations :

  • Big plus was the sheet was still very damp after the 20 minutes – If you weren’t aware, you don’t want to wear the mask longer than directed because they can have adverse effects aka dry your skin out

Left skin:

  • Moisturized ✓
  • Face felt a little tacky ✕
  • No redness✓
  • No irritations ✓
  • Skin looked brighter ✓
  • Pores look larger ✕


Not very impressed with this one. Definitely, have used better “detox” mask like the one by #Leaders called ‘Detox and chill’ from Target.




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