REVIEW: LILY – FLOWER MASK SHEET (no thats not a typo)

facetory december box – mask 2 of 4

Lily – Flower Mask Sheet (Purifying)

“Masque de Fleur de Lys”

apc_0069Made by Baroness

Retail price $2.50

Description from Packaging:

Lilium Candidum Flower Extract which removes impurities and helps dull skin to be clear and healthy, Contains glycerin glycereth-26, and sodium hyaluronate which proved moisture and smoothness to skin.

 Thoughts: Initial//during

  • Packaging is very cute with a lily flower on the front- I love anything floral so maybe I’m biased – other than that, very standard packaging
  • Packaging is mainly written in Korean, never can be sure if everything is translated into English some things might be left out.
  • MAJOR BONUS POINTS FOR THE SMELL! Smells like a light, floral perfume I would totally bathe in
  • Pulling the mask out of the package was difficult- was drenched in serum which made it slimy and hard to hold
  • Also pretty difficult to unfold, which makes me nervous since I tend to rip them in half by accident
  • Once I got the sheet on, it almost seemed dry – mostly in the center
  • No irritations or burning sensations
  • Nice cooling sensation after having on for a few seconds


I could tell the 20 minutes was ending, as the sheet was falling off the left side of my face. Might be my only negative about this mask though. ✕

Left skin:

  • Very Smooth! ✓
  • With a Nice Glow ✓
  • Hydrated ✓

Plus, it faded a few blemishes on my face! ✓

Final thoughts

The smell alone makes this Lily flower Mask a winner for me. The price is right and the description was accurate. For those with sensitive skin, I would definitely give this one a try.

Has anyone else tried this? What were your thoughts?



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