How Do You Closet?

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to beautiful.”


Up in till this past year my unofficial motto has been “more is more.” If it ain’t broke, buy a new one is the saying, right?

In high school, I had a fear of wearing the same shirt more than once – not kidding. I wrote notes posing as my mom, saying I had a doctor’s appointment or some generic excuse – how they didn’t catch on is beyond me. I certainly didn’t care, and I’m sure Urban Outfitters didn’t either since that’s where I’d be, spending money.

Now that I’m a little older, a little wiser – debatable – I live by “Quality over Quantity.” Which is the gateway into what sparked this post –

A few months back the quote at the top of the page kept showing up in my horoscope. After seeing it a few times, it started to resonate with me. Little by little I was becoming more aware of all the useless junk collected through the years, taking up space in my nightstand and on my bookcase. One day I had a breaking point, enough was enough, there was one thing to do, redecorate, duh!

Hours of searching through Pinterest, post after post, I made my decor decision; Minimalist.

My #1 favorite minimalist photo I found while looking for inspiration 

I was cleaning out my room in a mood where I didn’t care what sentimental value it had if it didn’t serve a purpose at the moment; it was in the trash. Everything except clothing, that was the only thing off limits during the overhaul.

First few nights sleeping in a naked room is bazaar, I felt out-of-place like I wasn’t in my own space.  On the other hand, it was relaxing, my mind felt decluttered as well. I read an article in the summer that said it‘s good to have minimal items in your bedroom because it helps your mind and body disconnect from the world and focus on why you’re in there… to sleep. Another interesting thing from that same article said you shouldn’t have over 5 pieces of furniture in the bedroom; I have 6 if we’re counting chairs, shh don’t tell anyone. 🙂

Once again, going minimalist in my bedroom was not the purpose of this post.

Now that my bedroom is boring and lacking color, I needed to make up for it and what better place than my closet.

Since I treat my clothing as if their my children, I had a little more fun with the vibe of my closet. Sometimes (all the time) I pretend my closet is a real store and I’ll merchandise according to the season. I also feel like part of my closet is bordering adolescents, and I love it.

Does anyone else do this? Who Switches their closet up / display things as if you’re in a store? I know I can’t be the only one!

I included pictures of my shoe/accessories closet – Let me know what you think! and I’d love to see how you guys organize your closets so feel free to share some pics!



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