Review: Dear. Mugwort

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Dear. Mugwort

8-Peptide Aloe Tea TreeIMG_1487.jpg

Brand Moksha

Retail price $3

Description from Packaging:

The delicious pleasure infused face mask sheet by Moksha. Get glowing skin activated by natural ingredient with fragrant. Special mask sheet for better absorption and deeper penetration of essence. Create healthful moistures. Smooths balances skin care.



  • First off – who wrote their description??
  • Before Googling mugwort (I had never heard of it before) I had a feeling the smell wasn’t going to pleasant.  And I was correct. The mask isn’t overwhelming or pungent, I always get in there are really investigate, so don’t let this turn you away.

This is what I found on Google on the effects mugwort has on the skin:

“While the essence isn’t specifically formulated to treat acne, rosacea, and other irritation, the antioxidant and vitamin-rich mugwort helps to make the skin healthier and more beautiful overall. Use it alone, or with the mugwort face mask for enhanced effects!”

  • Soothing – mostly ✓
  • No excess essence in packaging ✕
  • Not something I would pick up in store, packaging kind of blah but I like the size of the actual packaging✕
  • Large mask ✓
  • Cheeks felt a little irritated after a few minutes ✕


  • Masked stayed on the whole time – a big plus for me  ✓
  • No leftover smell ✓
  • A lot of essences left on the skin, especially forehead ✓
Left skin:
  • Skin super soft ✓
  • feels a little tingly ✕
  • Super Glow ✓
  • Hydrated ✓

Final thoughts

I would definitely do this mask again! Especially before a special occasion or a night out on the town. Glow scale on 10! And that glow lasted all day. This is a definite recommend – I will be purchasing this one again you can count on that!

Has anyone used a different mask that had mugwort in it? Curious if it would leave the skin as glowtastic as this one.



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