REVIEW: Stone Coal Sober


Stone coal sober

Holler and Glow

Retail price $2.99

holler and glow.jpgDescription from Packaging:

Wash away your sings with this clarifying face mask powered by:

Charcoal, tomato extract, black mulberry extract

Before opening, thoroughly rub the pouch to activate bubbles. Remove the sheet from the sachet and gently unfold. Bubbles will form on the black sheet. Apply to clean skin. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and tissue off balance.

Initial Thoughts:

  • Super cute packaging, main reason I bought it
  • Foaming mask but not too intense like others – which have been really overwhelming I feel like the bubbles are gonna choke me and they always get into my mouth, this one is tame
  • The smell is different, its not good but its not bad it kind of smells like a cleaning supply I cant put my nose on it though
  • The bubbles literally feel like 100 tiny hands are washing your face for you , kind of tickles


Surprisingly not many suds were on my face nor did I really have to wipe off and excess

Left skin :

  • Super clean
  • Nice glow
  • No redness or irritations

Final thoughts

Have zero complaints with this one. Great price, cute packaging, and left my skin squeaky clean with a nice glow. Definite recommend from me!



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