REVIEW: Even Out

Even Out Face Mask

even out

Brand: avatāra

Retail Price $2.99


Get the skinny on smaller pores. Skin loves a smoothie. Tighten, retexturize and revitalize the look of uneven skin with this exclusive cocktail of pore minimizers. Avatara custom crafts a luscious cocktail of ingredients to serve up a serum that packs a punch. When combined with the sheet mask- it’s the perfect pairing.



  • With a description like that, this mask better do some serious work on my skin.
  • Was hoping for some sort of tropical or floral scent considering the packaging has Hawaiian Hibiscus’ on it, but sadly no smell – not the worst thing though
  • Cute packaging but not everything, the name was more so what caught my attention
  • The sheet was very large with “hassle-free” packaging aka wrapped with film so you can easily unfold- major ++ 
  • Lots of excess serum left in the sheath
  • Didn’t feel any burning or irritations 


  • Stayed on nicely the whole time
  • The sheet was pretty dry as the 20-minute mark approached
  • Good mask for mornings before make-up routine as it left skin slightly tacky

Left Skin:

  • Brighter
  • Noticeably Softer
  • without irritations
  • No redness
  • No glow -big disappointment

Final thoughts

Because of all the hype from the packaging, I’m going to have to say this will not be a recommendation from me. It just does not live up to the description and honestly, I feel lied to. Don’t promise all these things in your description if you can’t live up to it, plain and simple. This is a mask for someone who doesn’t really need to be doing one, so if you already have great skin go ahead try it out, otherwise – no thank you, next.



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