REVIEW: Dewy glow sheet mask

Dewy Glow Sheet Mask

Brand: Simple

Retail price  $3.99

Description from Packaging: The perfect antidote to dry skin, Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, our Kind to Skin sheet mask is made of natural fibers, so light and soft that it contours the face like a second skin. Infused with a blend of Botanical Extracts, this moisturizing mask conditions dry, dehydrated skin for an instantly refreshing glow.

Initial Thoughts, During:

  • Smells like a cough drop, not sure if it’s a positive or negative, leaving towards negative.
  • Mask its self was super soft; although I was fighting with it for a few minutes to fully unfold, and then it was difficult to put on my face- it kept folding up and getting stuck to itself
  • Fingers felt dry as if I was touching alcohol- to my findings it has Phenoxyethanol. Heres what Google has to say about it – “aromatic alcohol often used together with quaternary ammonium compounds.”  Don’t know what that means, but it says alcohol and my fingers don’t lie.
  • Couldn’t tell if it had a cooling effect or if my skin was just irritated- or maybe a little bit of both


  • After 20 the mask was still as soaked in serum as it was when I took it out of the packaging
  • A lot of serum left on my face as well  – when I pat in the excess all I feel is that drying sensation of alcohol on my hands and face – not pleaded
  • Super sticky as the serum dries up
  • Skin looks super glow-y, but not a good glow, it almost looks like it formed a film over my skin that needed to be washed off

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I did not have high hopes for this sheet mask, I’ve never used this brand nor do I know much about it so I went in pretty unbiased. I was not happy when taking this off, in fact, I was pretty pissed but to my surprise, it really came through. It left my skin with a top-notch glow that would definitely have me coming back for more. This is a definite, 100% approve from me!

Does anyone know if they have any other sheet mask? I only saw this one, hoping the answers yes because I’d love to test it out! Who’s used this one before and what did you think? Would love to know!

*5 minutes later* 

  • My Skin was feeling super soft as it fully dried on my face

*About 15 minutes later* 

  • the serum had fully penetrated my skin, it looked amazing! Super glowing skin – in a good way this time although skin around my nostrils feels irritated but no redness!

Until next time 💕



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