the REVIEW I didn’t want to do

Orange Slice Sheet Mask

Brand A’PIEU

Retail price $6

Description on Packaging: Amazon :

Tencel fabric mask sheet soaked in rich essence formulated with Orange 10,000ppm, black pearl, common thyme extract to tone-up the skin. Orange extract with rich vitamin C brightens dull skin. Orange scent.

the orange “slices”


Upon opening this mask, it excited me to try something new. I typically wouldn’t go for a product with orange extract, I’d rather go with something with lemon because it helps with acne prone skin. So I opened this bad boy up and was surprised by my findings. What I thought was the sheet mask wrapped in a sturdy piece of film was actually 12 circles, or “orange slices” attached to the piece of film. I was pissed. I’ve seen these before and I don’t get the point, give me the full mask, one easy sheet and were all set, but no, they wanted to make this difficult on me.  Honestly, I was so irritated about this I threw away the packaging and decided it wasn’t deserving of a review, hence why the description is from Amazon.

On the plus side, it smelt just like orange juice which was fitting for an early morning mask.

Also, no irritations or stinging after putting them all over my face


By the time the 20 minutes were up these orange slices were pretty dried up, as expected because my skin has been super dry with this cold weather we’ve been having. Not even thinking to look in the mirror, I took all 12 “slices” off my face and threw them away.

Wasn’t till hours later that I looked in the mirror and was extremely happy to see these little guys did some work on my skin! I looked brighter, my acne bumps were fading, and my skin was glowing.

Final thoughts:

A definite recommendation from me! I, without a doubt, will purchase these again along with the lemon and cucumber ones they make.

Has anyone else used these? What were your thoughts? I’ve seen other brands with the same concept, wondering if I should give those a try.

Till next time!


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